Autographed - "UnAnNounced" by Serge Tiagnyriadno (1 Physical CD)

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“UNANNOUNCED” the Limited Edition EP from Serge Tiagniryadno

11 Song Super Limited EP, Includes 4 Bonus Exclusive “Work Tapes of songs never before released and never available again. 

* Limited quality of autographed copies available. Autographs are available until sold out.

Each EP order receives 2 bonus’s: 

    1. “UNANNOUNCED” EP digital mp3 download

    2. “BREAKTHROUGH”  FULL ALBUM release digital mp3 download


    1. I’ll Be With You Again

    2. No Borders

    3. Never Say Never

    4. Living Without Your Love

    5. Breakthrough

    6. Stupid or Strong

    7. Live in Your Eyes

    8. Rain

    9. Superstar

    10. Angel

    11. Goodbye Before Hello