“The Code” Finbar O'Hanlon  FLAC High Rez Digital Download - Jetpack Label Group
“The Code” Finbar O'Hanlon  FLAC High Rez Digital Download - Jetpack Label Group

“The Code” Finbar O'Hanlon FLAC High Rez Digital Download

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“The Code” Digital FLAC Download:

  • FLAC High Res Digital Download, Music Only

The Code is a music experience 5 years in the making, A cross between a musical version of The Da Vinci Code, a panic room and Cirque Du Soleil. A musical adventure  that portrays the synthesis of patterns in Nature, Colours, Emotions and Spirituality into music,

The Code provides an active listening experience in a multitude of Formats from Hi-Res Audio Mixes, Audio Visual DVD/ CD soundtrack, to Stems and Performance tracks with accompanying TAB and Midi files for the guitar solos.

The Code is an ambitious attempt to enhance the listening behavior, one that aims to move the listener from a passive position to a position where “if desired” the listener can be actively engaged in the music, trying to identify other “Hidden codes in the music.

What would you expect when words of a song are transcribed into Morse Code, code played by the Rhythm guitar, what would you expect when the colors of camouflage are turned into Polyrhythms when reverse alphabet ciphers define the name of the song and much much more.

These patterns all exist in the code and the accompanying booklet will provide hints as to where to find them.
A musical soundscape that spans many genres yet is heavily focused around Finbar's skill as a virtuoso guitarist. Fusing elements of Rock, Metal, Jazz Fusion, Orchestral, Funk and Ambient Music.

For those that like bands like Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Tool, Atmospheric sound-stages with unexpected twists and turns “Finbar's “The CODE” should not be missed. It is an approach very refreshing and new in the world of audio.

Finbar O’Hanlon is an original. He looks a the world differently and inspires others to follow, reach and achieve more. He is a Composer, Musician, Polymath, Inventor, Entrepreneur.  Finbar describes himself simply, as a purveyor of different.

He has spent the last 30 years leading and insuring in both the music and technology worlds,  living in different countries, building companies that expand the Video and Audio experiences and recording with a myriad of artists on different projects with members from bands such as The Cure and Limp Bizkit. 

His first album The Elements, recorded in 1994 gained international exposure for him as a virtuoso guitarist and subsequently, Finbar toured the world as a clinician for Jackson Guitars, Digitech processors, Crate and Marshall amplifiers. Finbar has composed scores for a number of films including pieces included on George Lynch’s film Shadownation.

Finbar was a tutor at The Australian Institute of Music, is on the Board of the Les Paul Society Foundation and holds 13 patents for inventions in science and technology relating to Video and Audio. With his business partner, Ahmet Zappa Finbar has developed a next-generation technology that uses sound frequencies to amplify human performance and mood.